Hello friends!

Welcome to the FAB(ulous) Private and Customized Tours in Cyprus.

We are a small private family business located in the town of Larnaca and the area of Protara. Our love for our country and good food has led us to share all the secrets we know with you. We organize Private Customized Tours for small groups of 2 – 4 people, and we also offer chauffeur services. Tours for bigger groups, for up to 10 people could be arranged upon request and availability. We keep groups small in order to offer a more personalized experience for you and your guests. Our transportation can accommodate up to 4 adult passengers and a driver (your tour guide).

Our mission

Our goal has always been to introduce our guests the ultimate, off-the-beaten-path food and cultural experiences. And that’s just what we do.


With FAB Tours Cyprus, you are getting more than a tour guide - you are getting a Cypriot friend, an insider who can unlock the mysteries of ancient and modern Cyprus, from our oldest traditions to present-day life.

We lead individuals and small groups and specialize in interfaith and intercultural understanding. Our guides can lead you on the specialized adventure of your choosing, making your trip personalized to you. We will help you learn more, do more, and have more fun on our island!

Kalos Orisate stin Kupro

That's how we say "Welcome to Cyprus"

Our Tours

Larnaca district

Larnaca district Half Day Tour of the town of Larnaca to point out important places, cafes, and restaurants to visit during your stay here, plus drive to two magnificent sceneries/landmarks of the district of Larnaca and finish with a lovely sunset.

4 - 5 hours

€ 75 / person *


Full day Tour to Paphos: Sites include Kourion Archeological Place, Aphrodite Rock (you can even swim there), lunch in a tavern (not included) or picnic in a nearby location (not included €15/person).

8 - 9 hours

€ 150 / person *

Limassol district

Full day Tour to Limassol district (Wine Villages and Troodos Mountains): Winery 1 wine tasting, visit a traditional Cypriot village, visit a traditional Cypriot brunch place - not included in the price, hike a waterfall, winery 2 wine tasting.

8 - 9 hours

€ 150 / person *

Nicosia district and Old Town

Full day Tour to Nicosia district and Old Town: visit an old monastery of the 4th century, visit a Cypriot Traditional Village, lunch in a nearby village (not included in the price), visit the old town of Nicosia through a walking tour up to the green line (buffer zone)

8 - 9 hours

€ 125 / person *

Protaras and Ayia Napa Areas

Full day Tour to Protaras and Ayia Napa area: visit 2 different beaches in the area, visit an open-air gallery of Sculpture Park and enjoy one of the best sunsets in a secret location.

8 - 9 hours

Includes boat tour

€ 135 / person *

7 - 8 hours

Without boat tour

€ 125 / person *

Troodos Mountains

Full day Tour to Troodos Mountains: 3h tour with the quad bikes, traditional Cypriot village, visit a Cypriot UNESCO church, lunch in a tavern (not included) or picnic in a nearby location (not included €10/pp). We will depart from Larnaca at 7:30am.

8 - 9 hours

€ 170 / person *

We know Cyprus

We are a small, family business , born and raised in Cyprus and we want to help you experience Cyprus from a local's perspective. We are not just going to simply point out monuments (these you can see by yourself), but rather we will share the site's rich history and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

We will show you some of the town’s best places to eat and other exciting events in the town of Larnaca or the district of Famagusta (Protara and Agia Napa). We care deeply about making your trip to our beautiful country an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

It's all about you

We care deeply about making your trip to our beautiful country an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

We find it important to make this a learning experience and most importantly an enjoyable and friendly experience. Apart from having a rich experience exploring Cyprus, these tours are great ways to meet locals and truly learn their culture. In a country like this, it is important to have a local friend who can help you navigate, ensuring you the most personal experience.

We look forward meeting you.